Tutustu organisaatioihin exemplar-projektin takana


The mission of the organization is to support new methods and forms of education, support trainers and professionals working in education, national and international networking between professionals and services for the community. We are a network of more than 400 professionals and experts (teachers, counselors, social a job advisers, psychologists, seminar leaders and professionals in the companies) covering the whole Czech Republic. We provide them with the training courses, educational programs, thematic workshops that help them to acquire qualification, competencies and special practical skills. We are organizing on regular basis conferences, seminars, training courses, educational programs and events for our members and associated Erasmus+ professionals to acquire qualification, competencies and special practical skills. ALK is regularly participating in national and international projects focused on lifelong learning, educational methods, e-learning, distance education, special methods for counseling, integration programs, etc.