IO3 - In-service Training Programme

The suite of resources that comprise Intellectual Outputs 1 and 2 represent a significant innovation in terms of currently available migrant integration supports. To ensure that the maximum benefit and use can be extracted from these resources a comprehensive in-service training programme for adult and community educators will be provided. Adult and community educators are one of the key multipliers within the EXEMPLAR project framework and every effort will be made to ensure that they have all the tools and supports necessary to achieve the required outcome.

The in-service training will introduce the new curriculum and the logic behind the approach taken by the consortium. It will also address the challenges that educators face with demands for education and training through a variety of on-line and alternative learning environments and will endeavor to provide the supports necessary for those professionals working in non- conventional environments. It will place a significant emphasis on underpinning the reputation, professionalism and standing of front-line staff especially where working in on- line, interactive or blended learning environments is concerned. It is estimated that the in- service training programme will comprise 40 hours of training made up of 25 hours of classroom or workshop based instruction and 15 hours of self-directed learning.